A little biography

Hi. I’m Lorenzo and I’m a 19-years-old, Italian, Computer Science & Engineering student.
I’m a young developer, but I’m also a pianist, a DJ, and a hobbyist photographer.

Coding & Development

My journey with computers began when I was a little boy, the day my parents gave me a very, very old computer from around ‘95.
It had about 512MB of RAM, a huge 640x480 CRT monitor, and a small collection of classic games.

However, fast-forwarding a few years, the real step up happened in 2012, when I started developing software in Java. I wanted to make automation-like programs – mostly to have fun and learn something new – but also because I wanted to make something actually useful to help me organize and optimize my workflow. So, at 11 years old, I bought a book, and armed with a laptop and a great deal of good proposals, I started studying and learning.

It wasn’t until 2013 that, after discovering and falling in love with Minecraft and Bukkit, its multiplayer server platform, I started working on my own network, Voxel Evo. Wanting to provide my users with an original and innovative experience, I started applying my Java knowledge in the development of custom plugins.

After another year of hard work, in 2014, I finally published my first public project, HubThat. It’s an open-source, feature-rich plugin, which lets you manage multiple worlds by connecting them with different spawn points and a hub. HubThat had a great impact on the community, reaching after a few years a total of 100k downloads, and is still kept up to date with SpigotMC’s latest API and guidelines.

Thanks to the success of this project, people started contacting me to develop custom plugins for their own servers and networks: this activity has now been going on for more than 5 years!

UltraTools is another plugin I published, in 2015. This was a simple experiment/self-challenge, as AdminTools was a very simple plugin that was having good success, and I wanted to see how long it would take to replicate it, with even more features.

In 2020, I started working on another public plugin – LaserGun. It’s a combat mod, which allows you to bring a laser gun and shoot at zombies, skeletons, and other mobs, while also drawing a colorful red trail. This plugin was created as a request, but also as an experiment, since I wanted to apply my physics and trigonometry knowledge to my personal dev projects.

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